Founders Letter

September 7, 2013

To all my future members,

In the United States alone, 2.5 million people will die each year. That's one in every 700 people. The greatest number will come from illness and disease. But sadly, while many will die suddenly from health related incidents like heart attacks and strokes, others will die from unpredictable accidents. Death has no boundaries. It takes both young and old and sometimes with no warning. With 2.5 million people dying each year, the number of grief stricken loved ones left behind is staggering.

Following the passing of my dad in September of 2013, I had set out to create something that would ease my personal grief and pain. While I didn't see my dad every day, we spoke most days and the thought of never hearing his voice again was truly devastating. Family Legacy is that something. Family Legacy preserves for eternity the voices, thoughts and wisdom of those who have passed. In so doing, it both relieves the pain of loss and allows us to more vividly celebrate our loved ones' lives.

Losing my father was devastating, and every time I read the newspaper or hear on the news that someone or some group of people has perished, I think of the loved ones that have been left behind in sorrow. I truly believe Family Legacy can help ease that pain. I encourage everyone to create their own Family Legacy.

Michael F. Anzalone
Founder and CEO
Family Legacy USA