Our Story

In September of 2013, I was devastated by the loss of my father Patrick to cancer. Even though I was with him in his last days, the reality that I would never again hear his voice or his laugh was heart wrenching. Two weeks after Dad's passing I was surprised to hear his voice when I called my parents' house and got the answering machine. All Dad said was, “Sorry we're not in right now, please leave a message.” But it was so comforting to hear him that I immediately called back to hear him again. Then it hit me. What if I had only thought to record his voice with various messages like holiday greetings or words of encouragement? What would I give to hear my dad wish me happy birthday again?

With that, the idea for FAMILY LEGACY was born. At FAMILY LEGACY we are passionate about preserving your voices, thoughts and images so that even when you're gone you can offer comfort, support and happiness to your loved ones. That's why we make the process so easy. Once you sign up, you'll simply record audio messages for family and friends of your choosing and designate the occasions and dates upon which those messages are to be delivered. Then upon your passing, your loved ones will be able to listen to your messages on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Delivery of your messages will be simple. FAMILY LEGACY will send your designees an email or text on holidays and special events like birthdays and anniversaries, which will bring them to an audio clip that you have prepared as well as pictures for them to view.

Sadly, death has no boundaries and sometimes comes with no warning. While we at FAMILY LEGACY know that nothing can replace a departed loved one, we also know that living reminders can bring back the happy times, keeping memories fresh. Sign up now and give a gift that lasts for eternity.

Patrick Anazalone
Patrick Anzalone